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Sabia Boulahrouz in Playboy April 2019 Video and Images Revealed


Sabia Boulahrouz in Playboy April 2019 Video and Images Revealed

Month after month, it’s always a big surprise who the men’s magazine “Playboy” got in front of the camera this time.

In April Sabia Boulahrouz will be the readers of the world famous magazine.

For her first time it has brought the dark-haired beauty to the city of love – to Paris – where the mother of three showed off her seductive side in an apartment very close to the Eiffel Tower.

The Playboy announces the photo series with Sabia quite provocative. So it says on the cover unmistakable: “Even Rafael van der Vaart could not resist her. No wonder – we feel the same way … ”



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Proud to be a part of @playboygermany for the April issue 💥 Out tomorrow 💋

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During the shoot, she felt comfortable, but thought: “Okay, move stomach and try not to look cramped.”

From the resulting images Sabia, very enthusiastic, reveals her in conversation with the Playboy.

From the wrong picture about her person in the tabloids, but less.

So she was not a fan of descriptions such as: “From the go-go dancer to Society Lady”, because that would reflect the situation wrong: “When I started to go-go dancing, I was 15. But the dancing back then had little to do with the milieu of today. ”

That was something completely different back then: “We did not have to undress.

Courtesy: Playboy

The go-go dancers were really highly regarded in the clubs. We had great costumes and danced in the hottest clubs in the city.

“It has always been important to her to make her own money, she clarifies. The image of her in the press is a false, Sabia finds: “Since an image of the tabloids was created, the story has indeed long enough for the sold.”

“It’s not that I’m basically a footballer,” Sabia clarifies. “I could not even say that they have anything special, at least not in a positive way (laughs).

The two said footballers are also fundamentally different. “Especially important for men is their” humor and honesty “.

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