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Russian Communists demand to ban the “complete lie” of Chernobyl


Russian Communists demand to ban the “complete lie” of Chernobyl

The political party Communists of Russia, a minor electoral force of that country and that has a Marxist-Leninist orientation, condemned the acclaimed miniseries Chernobyl of HBO.

According to a statement delivered to The Wrap, the group asks that the Roskomnadzor, the organization that regulates Russian television, do not issue the series for being “an ideological tool” that seeks to “demonize” what the Soviet government was.

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In the Chernobyl series, genuine tragedy became the object of ideological manipulation on the part of HBO. The series on the dramatic events of April 1986 is an ideological tool designed to defame and demonize the image of the Soviet government and the Soviet people

Although the chronology of events in the series and key moments correspond to reality, the actions of the heroes themselves, the order of relations in institutions and collectivities, and, finally, the moral climate of Soviet society is the first example of a complete lie.

The Soviet Union came to an end on December 26, 1991, so its argument seeks to defend the memory of the Marxist-Leninist republic that existed for almost 70 years in Eurasia.

In addition, the political organization also seeks to finalize a lawsuit against those responsible for Chernobyl, including the creator of the series, Craig Mazin. According to postulate, the television miniseries violates an article of the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

This action adds to reports that the Russian government is upset that a US television series told the story of Chernobyl before the Russian media created their own television series.

In that sense, various Russian media have expressed that the production of HBO does not tell the truth and has already been promised that there will be a Russian version, in film format, about the disaster.

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