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Rosie Rivera and her sinful pegaditos jeans raise sighs


Rosie Rivera and her sinful pegaditos jeans raise sighs

Rosie Rivera on Instagram.

Instagram, Rosie Rivera

Rosie Rivera He has a unique style that makes his fans fall in love. Sister Samalia, as the pastor is known, shared a series of images that inspired more than one of her followers.

“He is a God in time, but whose is the time? It is not in your time … Your time, “he wrote next to a photo in which he wore jeans and a blouse very spring.

The tone of the hair made the famous sister of Jenni Rivera 38 years old.

“You look beautiful”, wrote one of his fans.

Until Mirka Dellanos It was manifested on Rosie's pretty postcard, assuring that her words are true.

“You are my inspiration, how did you do to get down so much,” added another follower.

Rosie is one of the most popular members of the Rivera family, her image is always positive, away from scandals and with a word of encouragement for those who need it.

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