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Revealing history of Marbelle before sexist comment by Jessi Uribe


Revealing history of Marbelle before sexist comment by Jessi Uribe

Recently the famous singer Jessi Uribe It generated controversy after launching a comment on whether he would like his children to follow his steps in music. According to what the artist pointed out, she prefers that the younger boys dedicate themselves to this, but not the girls, because she considers that it touches them much harder.

This comment was made during a Colombian interview with the program 'I know everything', when they asked the above for a publication that was uploaded to their official Instagram account, where You could see one of his little ones playing guitar with him.

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Yes I would like, more than my children to my daughters, because it is that women play very hard. I grew up all my life with women and it touches them very hard (…) Those of the genre: Paola, Francy, Arelys, it has been much harder, “said the singer of 'Dulce Pecado'.

Several people They took this response as something 'sexist', because they consider that Uribe's way of seeing the future of his children was not fair.

But nevertheless, Marbelle, presenter of the entertainment program, made a small intervention on what Jessi expressed about her daughters in music, She understands what the singer was referring to, because of a personal experience she had to experience when she was young.

“It happened to me. At age 16, a senior executive, at that time, wanted to abuse me, and I was that age. Suddenly that is the miedito that women devote themselves to a profession like music. My mom said: 'The woman who has her skirt well tied, will always triumph for her talent and for what she does'”, Expressed the singer also.

“It was a moment when I was alone with that person. For me it was very difficult, because I did not know how to react, we were days away from releasing 'Pearl necklace' and days of doing many things, and I said: 'My God, this can not be happening to me, because if I react ugly everything can go to hell“, Said the artist with details of what happened at that time, and where almost this man manages to touch her in an abusive way (he could leave the place after reacting aggressively against this subject).

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Marbelle She added that her mother went to pick her up that day, and after telling her what had happened, She went up to this person's office and crossed a few words and the problem was solved.

Additionally, the Colombian said that thanks to her mother and the support she offered, she was able to get out of this situation, but that is aware that many young people who were dabbling in music could not save themselves from these bad experiences.

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