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Reveal a couple of unknown details of Glass


Reveal a couple of unknown details of Glass

4 JAN 2019 / Movie theater

On January 17, the Shyamalan film will be released, which serves as a sequel to both “El Protegido” and “Fragmentado”.

Glass, the next movie of M. Night Shyamalan, finally recover the characters of which for many is considered his best work: Unbreakeable (The Protected). At the same time, it will also be a direct sequel to your previous production, Split (Fragmented), which is located in the same universe.

Now, from a video of Fandango, have revealed three details that until now were unknown of this expected film that will put face to face the security guard David Dunn (Bruce Willis) with Elijah “Mr. Glass“Price (Samuel L. Jackson) and”The beast“(James McAvoy).

  • Glass will start a couple of weeks after Split
  • James McAvoy will now play about 20 different personalities
  • Never seen before material of Unbreakable has been included in the new movie

The first point is relevant, since the trailer gave the impression that the story will be located well after the events of Split, since the three main characters will be locked in an asylum.

Meanwhile, the other striking is that they will use unused sequences in Unbreakable, which could further strengthen the relationship of polar opposites between Dunn and Price.

Glass will be released on January 18 in the United States. In Chile it will premiere on January 17.

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