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Remind five characters who got rich on TV


Remind five characters who got rich on TV

Mariana Ximenes gave life to Ana Francisca in “Chocolate with Pepper” (Image: Divulgação – Globo / Montage)

If you belong to the team that loves novels, you must certainly enjoy a good turnaround, something that gets even better when your favorite character in the story leaves a life of hardship and becomes rich.

From struggling young women who suffered countless humiliations until they could change their lives, scammers and villains, who did not try hard or had scruples to conquer every penny of their bank accounts. The plot twists are innumerable, but they have managed to generate a common effect among viewers: the impact and anxiety of what would happen in the next chapter.

So, how about reminiscing some iconic characters, who changed their lives in some plots? Now check out five characters who became rich in novels.

1) Maria do Bairro – “Maria do Bairro”

Maria do Bairro
Thalia gave life to the iconic Maria do Bairro (Image: Divulgação / Televisa)

Starting with a classic, which already was reprized eight times on Brazilian television, Maria do Bairro is a true synonym of character with a strong history of overcoming and changing life.

From scavenger to member of a powerful and rich Mexican family, Thalía's character went through innumerable difficulties and humiliations until she became a member of the Vega clan.

2) Mary of Fatima – “Vale Tudo”

Maria Fatima
Glória Pires gave life to Maria de Fátima in “Vale Tudo” (Image: Divulgação / Globo)

The second Mary on our list can be described as one of the most hated villains in the history of Brazilian television. Maria Fatima she could consider herself a woman of good fortune, after all she had a family who loved her and attended her, but ambition made her marry with Afonso Roitman.

Despite the excessive ambition and innumerable blows, it is deceived who believes that one of the main villains of the novel suffered with a punishment in the end: she managed to conquer an Italian prince!

3) Severus – “Empire”

Tato Gabus Mendes gave life to Severus in “Empire” (Image: Reproduction / Globe)

From a coup who extorted his daughter to the maximum to rich. Severus succeeded, with a lucky bet in horse racing, to change his life and conquered all the money he had always dreamed of. And if you want to try your luck, just like the character, you can search a site for safe betting online, since many of them allow you to invest in horse racing and other sports.

In the case of Severus and Magnolia, despite the wealth so dreamed of, they failed to achieve what they most desired: the recognition of society; since even with money, the peculiar tastes of the couple did not please.

4) Ana Francisca – “Chocolate with Pepper”

Ana Francisca
Mariana Ximenes gave life to Ana Francisca in “Chocolate with Pepper” (Image: Divulgação / Globo)

With elements that combined a youthful plot and an afternoon soap opera, the plot of “Chocolate with Pepper” was a full plate for fans of twists, dramas and strong emotions.

Orphan and poor, Ana Francisca's life changes completely when she meets Ludovico (Ary Fontoura), who introduced himself as a simple janitor, but who was actually a millionaire, owner of a chocolate factory. The friendship causes him to support her and marry her, making her his heir after his death.

Thus, poor and humiliated, she returns to the rich, beautiful and powerful city of Ventura, ready to take revenge on all who have made her suffer in the past.

5) Foguinho – “Cobras & Lagartos”

Lázaro Ramos gave birth to Foguinho in “Cobras & Lagartos” (Image: Divulgação / Globo)

In a twist of fate, the character of Lázaro Ramos receives an inheritance that was not to be his, but destined to a namesake. Thus, in the company of Ellen, lived by Taís Araújo, they formed an unbeatable duo, which amused the viewers of the plot.

And unlike other characters, Ellen and Frown did not have a luxury ending, but that nevertheless was a happy ending. They end up poor, selling profiteroles in the streets – Foguinho's favorite dessert – but united and happy.

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