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Reach by Crane, Train or Fence Guide – Fortnite

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Reach by Crane, Train or Fence Guide – Fortnite

Reach by jumping the crane, the elevated train or the fence is the challenge that has just been activated in the Delivery event at the Fortnite Center. Probably one of the easiest challenges so far, since you only have to reach one of those areas … and it also has a trick.

If you do not know where the crane is, the train or the fence that is something that will be clear to you with this guide, and of course, what you have to do to overcome this challenge in the first minute with our Tips and tricks

Reach by crane, elevated train or fence at Fortnite

As we have anticipated, you do not have to reach all three sites: you will overcome the challenge by jumping one of them.

So, let’s say where each one is, and how you should reach them…

Reach by jumping the crane in Fortnite

The crane is on the fourth and last ramp. Try to stick when you can on the right side of the street, and use the last ramp on the right to get to the crane (to the top, to the ramp).

Reach by train the elevated train at Fortnite

The elevated train is after the culvert where we arrived until Jonesy.

We must use the ramp before the broken pipe (with water leakage), so that it propels us to the aforementioned pipe and, with its impulse, reach some curved irons, between which we will have to jump to get to the tracks.

It is also possible to get to the left side of the street, although you must take a lot of momentum to reach the tracks by jumping down the ramp.

Reach through fence in Fortnite

At the end of the first hill is the basketball court, and a little before, a ramp that with the right speed, will allow you to reach the top of the aforementioned fence.

Most easy reached by jumping the crane, the elevated train or the fence in Fortnite

The simplest way is to use impulse grenades on the fence. Just put yourself at the entrance of the court, throwing an impulse grenade on the ground and jump.

With the height you win, you will be at the height of the top of the fence and the challenge will be completed.

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