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Raul Gil shows children dancing funk and revolt internauts: 'Absurd!'


Raul Gil shows children dancing funk and revolt internauts: 'Absurd!'

The Raul Gil Program is always opening space for talented children, whether in singing or dancing, on Saturday afternoons at SBT. The kids enjoy themselves, they show what they are capable of and many even manage to pursue a career. But today something happened that left the netizens angry; and the host was heavily criticized on social networks.

It is that the attraction exhibited the picture 'Funkeirinhos', and many netizens claimed that the children were placed to sing and dance funk well in the adult style, both in relation to the letters as well as in dances that were very daring for the age.

Many netizens justified the criticism by saying that they were not feeling bad about children dancing funk, but the way they were induced to dance and the fact that the lyrics were not appropriate for their age, not to mention the fact that the program was showing girls too adult.

I find ridiculous this idea of ​​the Raul Gil Program to put children under seven years old singing funk with letters inappropriate for their age“Commented an internet user.

Menininha dancing funk in Raul Gil's show, when the camera showed the jurors face they were licking each other, I find it disgusting“Criticized another.

Indeed, some of the songs chosen for the 'Funkeirinhos' picture had double meaning lyrics. Another criticism of the public was regarding the way the children were dressed, netizens complained that the production of Raul Gil made ugly by dressing the girls in too short clothes.
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