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Rafinha Bastos polemics mocking new tattoo of Luana Piovani


Rafinha Bastos polemics mocking new tattoo of Luana Piovani

Rafinha Bastos polemizes to mock new tattoo of Luana Piovani (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

The new tattoo that Luana Piovani made in the fingers of the hand returned to give what to speak. This time, it was the comedian who decided to pass on the subject. Rafinha Bastos.

The ex-CQC, who does not hide from anyone how much he likes to engage a good controversy, through a post made on their social networks, made fun of the tattoo of the actress.

Luana Piovani, thanks for the homage … but it's over! It's been a while. It was good while it lasted. Here is my affection and my solidarity in this difficult moment, he joked, after adulterating by drawing the drawing on the body of the blonde.

The posting, as might be expected, caused the greatest commotion among the followers of the comedian. Some netizens even warned Rafinha that Luana could sue him. The ex-global, in turn, has so far not commented on the post.

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