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Prince Harry dismisses Fortnite as addictive and calls to ban him

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Prince Harry dismisses Fortnite as addictive and calls to ban him

Apparently Prince Harry of England is not a fan of the popular video game Fortnite. During a visit to a YMCA in London, the member of the British royal family spoke with mental health experts about the addictions to social networks and videogames, stating that these would even be more addictive than drugs or alcohol.

According to The Daily Express, Prince Harry specifically spoke against Fortnite, the successful title developed by Epic Games.

“The game (Fortnite) should not be allowed”, said Harry. “It's a video game that's designed to be addictive, an addiction that makes you stay in front of the computer as long as possible. “

Fortnite It has more than 250 million players, who are mainly children and adolescents who have popularized the game beyond the virtual environment, promoting all kinds of related products and turning trends related to the title as their dances.

Of course, this phenomenon has not left outside the analysts, who have branded as addictive to the title, an idea that seems to support the observations of the Duke of Sussex.

During his speech, Prince Harry took advantage of calling on parents to take active measures against the game he considers harmful.

“Parents have their hands tied, they do not know what to do about it”, said the member of the British monarchy. “It's like waiting for some damage to be done. “

The Duke of Sussex also had words for social networks, indicating that these platforms are “More addictive than drugs and alcohol”.

“It is more dangerous because it is normalized and has no restrictions. We are in a moment of alteration of the mind “, Harry added. “Without that human connection, when you have a problem and you have nowhere to go, the only place you can go is the Internet and you will probably end up as a victim of bullying.”

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