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Piso 21 launches 'Dulcecitos' with Zion and Lennox


Piso 21 launches 'Dulcecitos' with Zion and Lennox

After making collaborations with international artists such as Christian Nodal, black Eyed Peas Y Mike Towers. 21st floor comes with this new single in collaboration with Zion and Lennox, which is the first release of his Third album.

‘Dulcecitos’ It was composed by its 4 members together with Dynelll, Lalo Ebrat, Andrés Saavedra, Sunamy and Zion & Lennox. It was produced by Sunamy and Mosty, the video directed it Daniel Durán and it was recorded on the outskirts of Bogota.

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further Dim, the Prof, Pablo and Lorduy they went out to the streets of Medellin Two days before the song was released, they handed out sweets to people who, as they said, had taken them where they were.

After having a 2019 full of success with tours and participation in important international scenarios such as Rock in Rio, 21st floor He started the 202 with the right foot after his nomination in the Lo Nuestro awards and prepared to give his audience new surprises.

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