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Pirates have problems with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


Pirates have problems with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

The interactive condition of Bandersnatch, the long episode of Black Mirror that Netflix premiered on December 28, makes it in something impossible to hack.

As there is no “true path” for its history, since all the closures of history are valid from the decisions made by the audience, piracy can not replicate that experience. In addition, after its premiere, new scenes have been discovered every day to unlock.

Hence, in Mashable they report that pirates are having trouble capturing the story and, just as there are multiple paths to the story of Bandersnatch, there are also multiple pirated files.

Performing a search in The Pirate Bay, You can see that the pirates do not agree on how to approach the episode of Black Mirror. On the one hand, there are files that propose a supposedly predetermined timeline. Its duration is 1 hour, 33 minutes and 12 seconds, representing only one of the multiple paths.

But there is also a torrent that includes an audiovisual file that lasts 5 hours and 12 minutes, which implies a decision that goes to the other extreme. The responsible pirate group simply gathered all the existing content and uploaded it to the network as an uninterrupted movie. Something like that, however, removes the essence of Bandersnatch. In fact, if the episode creates a school and an interactive fashion is installed with new projects, the pirates will not have it easy.

Maybe that's why in Reddit they echo this situation and suggest that an appropriate version would use MKV files, links of ordered chapters and an appropriate edition, in order to get closer in some way to the experience of the series. But that has not yet materialized and this whole situation is solved by accessing a Netflix account. It is the canonical decision after all.

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