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Pedro Scooby's friends rebut Luana Piovani's accusations about travel


Pedro Scooby's friends rebut Luana Piovani's accusations about travel

Pedro Scooby – Instagram

The subject involving Pedro Scooby's trip with his children is still hot! Pedro recently traveled to the US with Liz, Bem and Dom, fruits of his former relationship with the presenter Luana Piovani.

This past Tuesday, 13, Luana used her youtube channel to vent on her ex's attitudes on the trip and also to talk about the four days she spent without being able to talk to the heirs.

+ After confusion with Scooby, Luana Piovani lets off steam

After the video gained a big impact on the web, the surfer's friends countered in conversation with columnist Fabia Oliveiraa version presented by Luana Piovani in the video. Luana reported that the surfer did not organize well and had lost documents.

According to Scooby's friends, Luana, who currently lives in Portugal, made a point of taking her children to the airport and eventually forgot to take a passport from one of the children.

About the lack of communication with the children, the columnist's contacts said Leticia's number had changed and Scooby could not have warned her because he was blocked. Leticia would then have contacted Luana.

Finally, the friends made it clear that Scooby would have cut travel days by professional commitments, not because of Luana's outburst.

Anitta's father cancels live after questions about Luana Piovani

Painitto Mauro Machado and Anitta Instagram
Painitto Mauro Machado and Anitta Instagram

The singer Anitta and the surfer Pedro Scooby, they are very much in love dating her father's consent Mauro Machado, known on the web as Painitto, even the surfer recently made a point of asking her hand in dating.

But the singer's father eventually got stressed out by some followers' questions about the controversy between son-in-law Pedro Scooby and his ex-wife, Luana Piovani… Know more!

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