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Participant detonates Manu Gavassi and calls it the ugliest woman at BBB 2020


Participant detonates Manu Gavassi and calls it the ugliest woman at BBB 2020

Manu Gavassi was called “ugly” at BBB 2020 (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

The men of BBB 2020 are detonating the women of the house with every comment and the newest victim of malicious statements was none other than the singer Manu Gavassi.

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During a conversation between the brothers, Lucas Chumbo declared that he was desperate to be with someone, so much so that he would kiss even Flayslane: “I was so desperate that I caught up to Flay“.

The statement alone was able to generate revolt on social networks, but Felipe's comment, which came a day after his, left the public even more revolted by the male group.

Manu is too thin, the ugliest woman on the show“, He said, without any sense of respect. On the web, Manu fans ask for his elimination: “Let's step on that scrotum male“.

Don't mess with our princess of memes. I can't wait for these ‘beautiful’ guys to get out“Commented one. “I don't settle for calling Manu too ugly and too thin“, Vented another.

Did they remove the mirrors from the program? Because to go out like this calling others ugly (a) the person has to be beautiful, right ?!“, Fired one more. It is worth remembering that Manu has been causing confinement.

Days ago, a video in which she appeared frunning physical exercises in the program's gym divided opinions, due to the wrong way in which she positioned herself during training.

Because she already showed that she had a minimally fitness routine on her Instagram profile, many people questioned whether she really knows how to exercise.

Some people accused her of having “forced the bar”, with the intention of making the video resonate on the internet and, consequently, increasing its visibility.

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