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Paola Jara's relationship with Jessi Uribe: this is what a seer says


Paola Jara's relationship with Jessi Uribe: this is what a seer says

Weeks ago, the news was known that the singer Jessi Uribe He was in the process of separation from his wife due to a time that he wanted to take. However, this issue escalated in a public sphere after a national media published the information, without Sandra Barrios, the artist's wife, will find out about this decision.

Now, after hundreds of speculations and rumors about the possible cause of Uribe's divorce, the declarations of a famous seer have left fans of the popular music singer speechless, for They involve a recognized Colombian star.

Although some days ago Internet users attacked Jessi Uribe for an alleged affair with Paola JaraHe himself denied this information in a social media post and clarified that with his colleague there was only one friendship.

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But nevertheless, Deseret Tabares He took advantage of his visit to the ‘I know everything’ program to discuss this issue, revealing blunt details about the supposed romance of which there is so much speculation on digital platforms.

According to what was broadcast in the entertainment format, Tabares said, after seeing his letters, that the Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe did have a clandestine romance, even when the singer was married. In her words, the visionary added that this relationship was what caused the end of Uribe's marriage.

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The breakup was definitely because he makes a decision because of that relationship. He reached the point where he was discovered, ”said Tabares while organizing the cards on the table.

Similarly, the specialist in the subject indicated that at this moment the artists are no longer together, but that the future is uncertain for that closeness.

The seer talked about other issues such as the relationship and the future of Nicolás Trujillo and Mara Cifuentes, the Third World War and the events that will take place in Colombia.

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