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Pabllo Vittar sends indirectly to Anitta in block of Carnival


Pabllo Vittar sends indirectly to Anitta in block of Carnival

Pabllo Vittar – Reproduction / Instagram

From friends to rivals! Anitta and Pabllo Vittar have already shared a stage together and have teamed up together, but the mood between the two is no longer the same.

During a show held in São Paulo, the drag queen made a point of sending a beautiful pin to Anitta mentioning a controversial audio leaked last year:I owe 70 thousand dollars love, 70 thousand dollars“Said Pabllo from above the electric trio.


Understand the case:

Anitta did not mention the name of the drag queen but everyone understood that the owner of the hit 'Seu Cara' was referring to her, still in the audio the singer mentioned that she spent a fortune alone.

“Obvious, why am I going to rent a jet and a helicopter? To be showing that I'm rich? I did not, the jet was expensive, the clip I was paying for alone, ram, a lot of hard bread, I understood. Hard bread was going to be, if I picked it up and said like this: 'No, I'm not going to pay any clip anyway.' Now the expensive clip for hell, 70 thousand dollars. $ 70 thousand love! Am I a hard nut? To get paid for the guys to go with their ass in the sun? I do not need my son! I'm from Honorio Gurgel, my son. I spent a lot of time in my life, “said the singer in the audio leaked.

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Anitta rebate

Still on the indirect of Pabllo in the electrical trio, Anitta rebated the drag queen in a twitter: “I never said that nobody owes me anything. In the audio released (leaked in my conception happens unintentionally I just say that it does not make sense to call me hard bread after I have a big investment alone, just because I did not want to spend more to get everyone on the jet“The singer wrote.

Post - Anitta / Twitter
Post – Anitta / Twitter

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Contributed by: Matheus Silva

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