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No More You, Hariany leaves Paula in tears; winner of BBB19 did not hold back the tears


No More You, Hariany leaves Paula in tears; winner of BBB19 did not hold back the tears

No More From This Monday (15), fans of Big Brother Brazil could have missed the last participants leaving the most watched home in Brazil. Paula, winner of the BBB19, was the first to talk to Ana Maria Braga and then Alan, runner-up, was invited to sit at the table and participate in the chat.

A law bachelor commented on the strength she had in endurance trials and how she did it to put up with and overcome fellow inmates. Paula also commented about how much she misses her pet pig and told us that she will be back in town very soon and can see Pippa.

Alan was amused by the remark made by Ana Maria that he was considered the 'plant' participant of this edition, but it was who reached the final and earned R $ 150 thousand with the second position, besides the zero kilometer car he conquered during the reality

But the emotion took over the More You when Hariany joined the two former BBBs and once again lamented that he had lost his head and been banned from BBB19.

“I thought it was too much alcohol and it was something almost natural … This one came to embrace every little darling,” commented on the push given in Paula and that resulted in the elimination of the sister.

Hari assured that she does not usually behave that way and that she has Paula as a sister, that they fight, but they know that later they will make the peace. The Goiás claimed that in the last days of the reality, her nerves were at the bottom of her skin and she still had the fact that she had drunk and things ended in a way that she should not.

Ana Maria Braga did everything for Hariany to tell what she wanted to say to Paula after Big Brother Brazil, but she chose not to reveal it and said that the miner is 'crazy and says things that she may not have gotten out of here.' Hari confessed that she and Paula are well, but will still talk about everything that happened at BBB19.

The production of More You showed a video showing the friendship of the two inside the house and Paula was very moved. When Hariany said that all was well between them, the miner did not hold back the tears.

“We'll stick together forever, let's not fight, no. If we fight, we understand each other, “ Hari said.

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