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No it's not – IT IS Independent


No it's not – IT IS Independent

Sara Sarres, a musical actress who started singing at the age of five, was fortunate enough to never suffer harassment or inconvenient proposals, even though she was pretty and extroverted. “I do not give freedom,” she says. “Harassment is always the perpetrator's fault, but it's important to encourage women to say no.” Actress, singer, and dancer, she's on “Billy Elliot, The Musical”. She studies speech therapy and owns a therapeutic product store for voice. Let there be breath!

Sleep and rest

In an intense routine of shows and newly appointed ambassador of Hering, singer IZA became afonic after the Lollapalooza and is resting to recover the voice. “I only slept ten hours in a week,” she told Istoé. And it continues maintaining the act of drawing as a form of relaxation. “I wanted to do college fashion. From small scribble clothes, jewelry, landscapes, people with little clothes. ” Iza finished studying industrial design and became a singer. But the designs are not in vain: your looks always have a touch of you. Today your intimacy with paper and pencil is used when closing projects with your personal stylist.

Three professions

Edu Rodrigues

Who said that only man lives in a profession? Theodoro Cochrane has three! In the air like Adamastor in the novel “The Seventh Guardian”, he is also costume designer and set designer of his mother's play, Marília Gabriela in São Paulo, and DJ at the weekend. In an interview with ISTOÉ, he said that he was already a victim of bullying and that the character Adamastor consecrated him as an actor.

How is the experience of interpreting it?
The character has a recognition that I never had in my career, people call me on the street. He is caricature, but very human and has difficulty accepting his own individuality. It is a very current topic that leads the discussion to places where it would not arrive otherwise.

Do you identify with it in any way?
I have been bullying since childhood, not because of sexuality, but because I am not the person who fits into the current standards.
I have a very peculiar taste, I live in a house that is a white cube.

Is there still a problem in self-acceptance in society today?
Much less than before, but still difficult. We live in a world of intolerance and stupid extremisms, not just homosexuals, but all who have their peculiarities.

Salomé and the Bible


Danni Suzuki, who has just written a suspense series and is directing a documentary on refugee children, is preparing to play Salomé in the play “Passion of the Christ” in Floriano, Piauí. It is the second largest open-air show in Brazil. For this, she is reading a book for the first time: the Bible. “I have a close relationship with Jesus and I believe in God,” she says, who are analyzing the characters from the perspective of psychology and emotional intelligence, areas in which they are deepening.

Putting the pieces together

After going through a long period of turmoil in marriage, with a right to confessed betrayal, couple therapy and joint tour, singer Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z have been putting the pieces together. The relationship between them won one more happy episode: they celebrated the eleven-year anniversary of marriage in Mexico.

Politically correct


Eternal romantic singer Daniel says he worries about the change that the backwoods and other musical rhythms have undergone in recent years. “There should be greater care for the letters, the way the alcoholic beverage and the woman are presented,” he complains. “In our music career, we reached a lot of people and ended up being a reference. Artist's mission is to have social responsibility. ” Next week, Daniel will perform the show “Versões de Mim” in São Paulo, with successes in new clothes.

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