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New and glasses, Evaristo Costa enchants the web with TBT

New and glasses, Evaristo Costa enchants the web with TBT


New and glasses, Evaristo Costa enchants the web with TBT

Evaristo Costa recalled the 1990s in the Instagram (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Evaristo Costa used Instagram last Thursday (7) and shared an old photo from the time he was starting his career as a journalist.

In the image, the former anchor of “Jornal Hoje” appeared inside a newsroom, which made the public remember the first computers sold in the country.

“Everything always joinha”, he wrote, while using an emoji with the positive gesture in the publication. The fans were surprised by the joviality of the artist. At the time, he wore glasses and short hair.

“Gee, you were grown up in the year I was born! Shocked! “, said a follower. “Wow, I was two years old and you already had this whole size … How old you are, Evaristo”, joked an internet user.

“Year of my birth. It's old, but it's kitty “, praised a fan. “Beautiful as always … The computer has undergone a drastic transformation”, observed one follower. “Caraca, the year I was born and you were already working. How old are you, Evaristo Costa? I thought you had a 33 “according to a social network user.

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