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Netflix edited the graphic scene of suicide in 13 Reasons Why


Netflix edited the graphic scene of suicide in 13 Reasons Why

Netflix announced that it will edit the suicide scene of Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why in the wake of criticism for the graphic nature of the sequence. The streaming platform announced this decision through its official Twitter account, indicating that it made this decision with a view to the premiere of the third cycle of the series.

“We have heard from many young people that 13 Reasons Why has encouraged them to start conversations on difficult issues such as depression and suicide, and to get help, often for the first time”, Netflix said. “As we prepare to launch Season 3 later this summer, we have been aware of the ongoing debate surrounding the series. So with the advice of medical experts, including Dr. Christine Moutier, Medical Director of the American Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide; We have decided with the creator Brian Yorkey and the producers edit the scene in which Hannah takes the life of Season 1 “.

13 Reasons Why premiered its first season in 2017, however, more than two years after its debut, Criticisms against the suicide scene have not stopped. This sequence, which is part of one of the last episodes of the first season, is very graphic and almost three minutes shows in detail the character played by Katherine Langford sitting in a bathtub, crying, cutting her wrists and screaming in pain. All under an extensive narrative of the facts by character Dylan Minnette, and ending with Hannah's mother, played by Kate Walsh, finding the dead body of his daughter in the middle of the bloody water.

While the episode that originally included this scene contained a warning to viewers that the content “may not be suitable for younger audiences” and had “graphic representations of violence and suicide”, after the premiere of the series has been argued that this would not be enough and the detailedness of the scene would in no case be a contribution to the story, but rather a detriment to the public, generally adolescent, who follows the series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, part of 13 Reasons Why is now up to date on Netflix and now it only shows Hannah looking at herself in the mirror before giving way to her parents' reaction to her suicide. Thus, considering that the first season of the series was released a long time ago, Netflix assured that will monitor and unregister any pirated clip that shows the original unedited scene.

The decision of Netflix not only arrives with a view to the premiere of the third season of the series, since it also appears a couple of months after a study aimed at suicide rates in adolescents would have increased after premiere of 13 Reasons Why.

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