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Millionaire Lucas Viana presents Diego Grossi


Millionaire Lucas Viana presents Diego Grossi

Lucas Viana was the champion of The 2019 Farm (Image: Press Release / Record)

The friendship between Lucas Viana and Diego Grossi should remain strong out of The 2019 Farm. The youngest millionaire of the piece did not forget the moments next to his friend and gave an unusual gift to the former BBB.

Diego was the one who revealed the present “surprise” he will receive in the coming days from the winner of the reality show. On Instagram, Lucas sent the following message: “Take your bike with me, brother!”.

The gift was in thanks to the moments they spent together in the program “You were very good to me in some moments of distress in the game and I'm very grateful for that! God bless you”he declared.

Impacted by the news, Grossi replied: “What is it, brother? Oh really?”. “You deserve the world, Di! I admire you so much, wise and generous face, with a sweet soul! ”, wrote Lucas.

Third, the former Power Couple spoke about Lucas's victory in an interview with Record: “Favorite is different from deserved. Sometimes people think one deserves it, but the favorite is another. In a reality, not always the favorite guy is the one who deserves it. So I think it's all this trouble. ”.

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The 2019 Farm
Diego receives gift from Lucas (Image: Playback / Instagram)
Lucas Viana
Diego receives gift from Lucas (Image: Playback / Instagram)

The 2019 Farm: Diego pokes Lucas for talking to animals

Confined for so long in 2019, even if their relationship is not so close, it is only natural that they create a certain bond of intimacy. Diego Grossi used this device with Lucas Viana.

About his unfavorable situations in the game, Lucas explained that he goes to the stall, where is the horse Lyon, to vent:I say like this: ‘Lyon, I'm in the fields and all“.

Diego criticized the attitude, saying the pawn would be doing this to show off to reality viewers: “This is VT”. Hariany Almeida laughed and agreed: “There are some trains that can't be done”.

The model tried to defend himself, despite taking criticism at the joke: “You feel the animal is listening, I'm telling you”. The former BBB spoke again and made fun of the participant: “Listening to him, damn it”.

Paulo Carvalho He has been following the world of TV since 2009. A radio journalist and journalist by profession, he has been writing for websites for five years. It's in the RD1 as a reporter and writes weekly for the column Did You Know? It can be found on social networks at @pcsilvaTV or by email

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