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Mike Colter discarded an appearance Luke Cage in Avengers: Endgame


Mike Colter discarded an appearance Luke Cage in Avengers: Endgame

When Netflix decided to cancel Luke Cage, Iron Fist Y Daredevil many joked that Thanos's crack of Avengers: Infinity War He had done his thing with the Marvel productions and the streaming platform, eliminating a large part of the series.

While that statement is a joke that has nothing to do with the reasons that ended the adventures of Dany Rand, Luke Cage and Matt Murdock, the actor behind the man of unbreakable skin, Mike Colter, took advantage of that analogy to clarify his future in the productions in Marvel.

In conversation with the site Comicbook, Colter, was asked about whether it would be part of Avengers: Endgame now that Luke does not have a solo series, before which the actor assured that both his character and the series have already disappeared.

“Am I in Avengers: Endgame?” Said Colter. “Well, you know what? Based on what happened, I'm already dead, the click has already happened with Luke Cage. We're dead, we're gone! I hate to tell people … But we're not (in Endgame). “

Anyway, with little hope for a return of Luke Cage in the new movie of Marvel Studios discarded, the actor does not close the door to an eventual return of Luke on the big screen.

“Sure, absolutely, I'd be willing to (the movies). Everything is possible”, noted Colter. “At this moment things are in the air. It is quite recent. They canceled us on October 19, I think the date was something like that. Then it's still pretty cool. We'll see. Over time, there will probably be more clarity for everyone, in case we are really involved in something else. “

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