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Miguel Falabella denies fight with Silvio de Abreu


Miguel Falabella denies fight with Silvio de Abreu

Miguel Falabella denied fight with Silvio de Abreu (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Miguel Falabella decided to clarify the alleged fight that would have had with Silvio de Abreu. In an interview with RedeTV! “TV Fama”, the artist commented if there was a disagreement between the two because of an alleged veto by the director of Dramaturgy of Globe to a soap opera.

“I don't know what this story is. (Silvio de Abreu) ​​My colleague for whom I have deep admiration has always been my favorite author. It never happened, I never fought with Silvio nor will I ever fight. It's the madness of this country, from fake news“Said the actor.

Falabella also revealed what he thinks happened: “An unemployed person has to justify the low salary he earns, makes up a shit, and serious people start repeating it as if it were true, which I think is serious.”

“Let no tramp write, because it is in his role. What I think is serious is not the low, but organs that claim to be serious reproduce I find it kind of violent ”, detonated the also author.

The global took the opportunity to eliminate any doubt: “Just to be clear: I love Silvio de Abreu, I have the greatest admiration, I have never fought with him in my life. It is lack of what to do, lack of a cleaning, a kitchen to wash, a clothes, a tank and a better salary, obviously ”.

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