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Metallica praised presentation of Juanes in Rock to the Park


Metallica praised presentation of Juanes in Rock to the Park

Juanes is that there is no room for happiness: the legendary band Metallica he celebrated that he included the song 'Seek and Destroy'to close your presentation at Rock to the Park. In fact, the group described as 'impressive' the interpretation of the paisa singer.

“We are impressed by the welcome our friend Juanes received in Bogotá for his impressive performance of 'Seek,'” the band wrote on Twitter.

And the singer responded obviously emotional: “I love them very much, their music means everything to me! All my life I dreamed of this moment”.

In context: Juanes and a very special show in his first time at Rock al Parque

For any Metallica fan receiving a message like this would be a dream. But in this case it is much more important, because when it was confirmed to be part of the 25 years of Rock to the Park, Many fundamentalist rockers They attacked him and the organizers of the festival considering that he was no longer making rock, but pop.

Juanes responded several times to the criticism: “My music, although it is not strident, does have elements of rock that I mix with blues, guasca and vallenato, because they are part of our essence,” he said a few days before the festival, adding that he I was preparing that show from the year I was born, 1972: he has always been a fan of Metallica. His presentation satisfied the public and, as they say colloquially, they 'kept the bow' to many.

Indeed, since 2000, the singer has been more focused on the pop that in the musical genre that some call rock. At least that's how it was in his solo career, from the albums 'Pay attention' (2000), 'A normal day' (2002) and 'My blood' (2004), the best known thanks to the song 'La camisa negra'. He took out four others later: 'La vida … es un ratico' (2007), P.A.R.C.E. (2010), 'Loco de amor' (2014) and 'My plans are to love you' (2017).

However, his big step in rock was with Ekhymosis, a band that has even dabbled in trash metal and is still active. With Ekhymosis he released the EP 'From above is different' and 'On his knees' (1991), although his greatest success came with'Giant Child '(1993), first studio album, which has the now classic song' Solo ', that undoubtedly marked a generation.

A 'giant child' was followed by 'peaceful city' (1994), 'bilingual love' (1995) and 'Ekhymosis' (1997), the latter with the great success 'La tierra'.

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