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Meghan Markle's father willing to testify against his daughter


Meghan Markle's father willing to testify against his daughter

The American Thomas Markle, father of the Duchess of Sussex, said he is willing to testify against Meghan Markle within the framework of legal process that the exam has open against three newspapers.

Thomas Markle is the main witness in the legal actions initiated by Meghan against the “Mail on Sunday” and her parent company for having published a private letter that she sent to her father and having started an alleged “false” news campaign about her.

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“I wish I hadn't come to thisbut of course I will testify against the things he has said about me“Thomas Markle said in an interview on the British ITV network.

“When Meghan and I finish together in a courtrooml, it will be quite impressive for everyone “he added.

The defense of the Duchess of Sussex will claim damages to the editor for an alleged misuse of private information, Copyright infringement and breach of the Data Protection Law.

For its part, the tabloid will claim that there is a “huge and legitimate public interest” in the British royal family and his “personal and family relations”, in his argument against a lawsuit filed in October 2019 by the Duchess of Sussex.

Asked about the possibility of coinciding with the dukes during the trial, Thomas Markle ironized that “it's great” because that way I could see them at last, although he assured that he does not want “a battle”.

In reference to his appearance in the media and the reproaches he receives for it, he declared that he has no other way of contacting his daughter. His intention is to offer an interview and then wait “30 days for some kind of response”.

“I would tell them – to those who criticize him for that – that they try to be in my position for a while and see what it is like to have a family member who hides you and does not talk to you, and they will see how it feels,” he said.

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In his opinion, the withdrawal of the Dukes of Sussex from their duties as representatives of royalty “will never work.”

“I am a little embarrassed for them and I feel very sorry for the queen,” he lamented.

Meghan is now in Canada, where she stays with her eight-month-old son Archie, after the couple will communicate that they were retiring as royalty members.

The news that they plan to divide their lives between the United Kingdom and Canada and become financially independent caused a stir in this country, although it has finally had the backing of Isabel II, who has granted them a “transition time” to redefine their future roles

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