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Meet the new (20) products presented by Xiaomi


Meet the new (20) products presented by Xiaomi

Surprisingly, Xiaomi toasted us with 20 new products, and none of them is a smartphone. Yes, the 4th largest mobile device manufacturer in the world already has a large gadgets, accessories and products for the home. Now, your catalog has just increased after this lightning flash announcement of various items.

Although the date was suspect – April 1 – the manufacturer remained true to its promise.

It was celebrated the day before of the lies, as well as the 9th anniversary and annual festival – Mi Fan. Thus, to mark this ephemeris, the Chinese manufacturer has launched a whole new range of new products and gadgets. For more questions that still persisted around this presentation, these were now dissipated with the event.

There are 20 new Xiaomi products

It was by the hand of Xiaomi's CEO in China and brand co-founder Wang Chuan that the whole array of new products was introduced. Even so, we have had some surprises worthy of the day of lies since not all 20 Xiaomi products are properly new. Some come to the country now, while others receive a more competitive price, being available in the official store of the company, the My mall.

It should also be noted that although a large proportion of these gadgets can be ordered for Europe, their prices may vary. In the meantime, they will be mainly available through the online retail chains, counting the list mainly with items from Mijia, the household goods line.

new products Xiaomi gadgets

The new Xiaomi gadgets and products

  1. Mijia electric cooker (55 €)
  2. Rice cooker (150 €)
  3. Kitchen robot (104 €)
  4. Hand vacuum cleaner (150 €)
  5. Robot vacuum cleaner (270 €)
  6. Weather station (10 €)
  7. Clock (10 €)
  8. Conventional pen (€ 1.5)
  9. Head and knee protection kit (25 €)
  10. Walki-talkies 2 (50 €)
  11. Rocket (toy)
  12. My 15.6-inch Notebook Air (500 €)
  13. My Notebook Air of 12.5 inches (490 €)
  14. Sunglasses with UV protection (10 €)
  15. Pro version of the glasses (15 €)
  16. New Xiaomi running shoes with automatic tightening (120 €)
  17. 4 new bags and travel trolleys in different sizes and prices (between € 25 and € 65)

All these new Xiaomi products will gradually arrive at the company's official store. Unfortunately, at the moment, we have no information regarding its international availability.

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