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Meet singer Dynho Alves, who appears in MC Mirella's controversial stories


Meet singer Dynho Alves, who appears in MC Mirella's controversial stories

MC Mirella and Dynho Alves (Playback / Internet)

On the night of Tuesday (05), the singer MC Mirella published a sequence of make up stories and in those stories an unusual fact happened, the boyfriend of funkeira Dynho Alves appears in the video and according to Internet users speculate, he had oral sex on the artist during the recording.

MC Mirella is already quite because of his controversies, but Dynho Alves is not that well known, so let's talk a little about him in this post. Dynho is also a singer and his real name is Edson Alves, he was born in Mato Grosso do Sul and lived in Americana, interior of São Paulo and currently lives in the state capital.

Dynho who is a dancer was once called the king of the comic, but soon he started singing as well at the suggestion of his manager, although his name is not so well known in mainstream music, he is well known in funk and has several hits, among them “Malemolence,” which already has over 215 million views on YouTube. With girlfriend Mirella, Dynho Alves has recorded the song and the clip “Tome Amor” and on Instagram he is followed by over 7 million people.

Data from Dynho Alves

Real Name: Edson Alves

Age: 23 years old (2019)
Birth: Mato Grosso do Sul

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