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Marley talked about the possibility of being a father for the second time | DailyShow


Marley talked about the possibility of being a father for the second time | DailyShow

With identical blue suits, Marley Y Mirko they visited the living room of Susana Giménez. The little one also carried one of his favorite toys: a blue and red truck. Later, the “Around the World” driver explained that the outfits were made in Hong Kong.

“I saw that he is missing toys,” Susana asked. “We donate some toys because they are too many at home“Marley justified himself. Also, he commented that his favorites are cars and balls. That's why, from production, he was approached by a drawer with this type of toys so that the little boy had fun in the studio while his father and his aunt fake they chatted in the living room of the diva.

Marley and Mirko, present in Susana's living room.

The things we have done with Susana on the trips are tremendous“The driver laughed, remembering how many times the phone diva accompanied her in her cycle.”It does many evil things to me“the diva lamented humorously.

In recent days, Marley made headlines after learning about the possibility of becoming a father again in 2020. If so, Mirko would have a brother! “I'm thinking about it because it's so much work (to keep a child). Nobody tells you, they would have to tell you all the work that requires them. I really love him and I live with him every minute with love, but it's tiring. It is very difficult and it is super complicated to be a father. Besides, I'm already old“, he admitted to Giménez's question about this rumor.

The great resemblance between Marley and Mirko.

Regarding the two-year-old, he commented: “He is very intelligent. The colors have already been learned in Spanish. He knows how to say the numbers in English and German. I think he has this facility for all the trips we made. I hear people speak in Chinese, Moroccan, English“In addition, he showed the child's passport with the amount of stamps he has of all the trips they made this last year.

On the other hand, the driver questioned him about the bank account that he armed the little one so that all the money Mirko produces is deposited. “He overflowed us all when he was born. And there are important brands that want to do things with him since he was very young. So, He has a bank account where everything he produces is going to stop and can be opened only at 18. To decide what to do with that big money, “he explained.

The yellow car that Susana gave Mirko.

To close the visit, Susana gave her a yellow car with remote control so Mirko can add it to her long collection. “A cute car“replied the little boy when he opened the box with the gift.

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