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Marjorie Estiano talks about father's loss and nudity difficulty on the scene


Marjorie Estiano talks about father's loss and nudity difficulty on the scene

Marjorie Estiano as Carolina, in “Under Pressure” (Image: Divulgação / Globo)

Marjorie Estiano revealed he had difficulty staying on the scene during the scenes of the series “Under pressure”, which debuts in May. In an interview with the channel “Hora da Naná”, on YouTube, she talked about the scenes and also the death of her father in August 2018.

For Marjorie, who lives Carolina in the medical series, the nude sequences need to make sense. “It can not be a simple exploration of nudity by audience or to satisfy an aesthetic desire. There has to be a reason for that character and that scene. Within that, I do not have much restriction. I like to feel confident. It is not simple. I do not take my clothes off easily “, said.

She also stated that she does not feel comfortable when she is placed more importantly on other people who carry out different professions than her own, which makes her criticize the way people see their profession.

“My craft is as important as anyone's. And our profession is exalted in a way to gain prominence. I think it dishonest not to be so with so many other professions that they also have so much beauty to see, that they are so noble, so exciting “, said. “Studying for the character I'm doing, a doctor, I was blown away by some people I met in that profession.”

The actress also talked about the clash in losing her father in August 2018. He died after undergoing cardiac surgery. “You wonder what you did not do, what you could have done, whether that person was happy or not. I try to deal naturally with the losses. (…) Being brief or a longer period, I think I'm happy to have had that person for a while. “

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