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Maria da Paz agrees to humiliate her trusted employee by accepting Josiane's decision


Maria da Paz agrees to humiliate her trusted employee by accepting Josiane's decision

In the soap opera Dona do Pedaço, Maria da Paz has already shown that she does practically everything that her daughter asks and when she does not answer Josiane. The villain soon finds a way to get what she wants.

Already living in his new mansion, Joe will bring about a real change in the way the family lives and will start by hiring many employees.

Claiming that the new residence is too large, the aspiring digital influencer will tell her mother that she needs several employees and through a renowned requirement will start hiring cleaning ladies, chef, gardener, dowel, among others.

Stephanie, the decorator who will be involved in Josiane's coup, will fully support the hiring of staff for the mansion and Maria da Paz will not be able to deny her daughter's demands, especially after Regis joins the conversation to also say that Job is right.

Maria da Paz will try unsuccessfully to argue with her daughter, saying that if she goes on like this, the mansion will soon have more employees than her cake factory. But Josiane will still surprise her by humiliating Ellen, a former employee of Maria da Paz, who is extremely trusting and who has always been by her side to help her with everything.

Ellen will question what her role will be at the mansion and Stephanie will soon answer:It will certainly not be for your seat because you are not in the default. And yes to another place, with more category“.

Josiane will then hand Ellen a uniform, saying that she should wear it to work in the mansion as a kitchen assistant. Maria da Paz's trusted maid will be amazed at such humiliation. The goalkeeper will also be surprised, but not against her daughter.

Humiliated, Ellen agrees to wear the uniform and says:Thank you, Joe, for reminding me that I'm just a maid“.

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