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Luisa Fernanda W publishes photo with Pipe Bueno and talks about her 'love'


Luisa Fernanda W publishes photo with Pipe Bueno and talks about her 'love'

The rumors about a possible romance between youtuber Luisa Fernanda W and the popular music singer Good Pipe increase with the passing of days.

The artists were seen partying in Medellín during the release of '11: 11 ', the last album of Maluma; then at the tribute concert Luis Alberto Posada, for his 40 years in the music industry; during the event Luisa accompanied him from an exclusive box and even in his dressing room.

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That same weekend they left Trip to miami to fulfill some labor commitments. They recently attended Carolina Cruz's birthday together and, to complete, this Friday they left for rumba with other Colombian artists. But… Are they dating or are they dating?

The now singer, through her Instagram account, published a photograph next to the paisa. And although he did not confirm a formal relationship with Pipe, he did clarify that he feels happy that they have the same work team Y so many friends in common.

“Pipe we have to take more pictures together so that it is not abnormal to be seen out there in the same places (and for those who wanted to see us together, we left them with the photo) as well as the fact that we have friends in common, and even the work team, we love them, “he wrote in the photograph.

To which Pipe Bueno replied: “we are just starting… that the belt is fastened that we go without BRAKES !! All calm that I NERVOUS. Hugs LU “.

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This Friday it seems that the paisa did not last longer and he broke his silence. He talked about his 'relationship' with Pipe Bueno and his silence about Legarda

First he published a story saying that, although he is not used to talking about his personal life, “the day came”. Then he shared an image of the publication of Flavia Dos Santos in # Los40deCaroCruz in which a follower says: “not that they do not have anything with Pipe”, to which Luisa replied: “and I have to give explanations of my private life? Let's see, the day that you do have a relationship, a new boyfriend, do not worry that I tell them. “

Then he posted an InstaStorie of a screenshot of a message from a woman who called her a “bandit”, to whom Luisa responded with a doll emoji with her hand on her forehead.

Finally he shared some texts in which he clarifies that your life is going through a quiet moment and that, although he will never overcome what happened with his ex-boyfriend Legarda, he has to continue with his projects. He also thanked the unconditional company of his family and closest friends.

Despite the fact that both days ago they had denied having any kind of romance, their followers seem not to believe them, because “hard evidence” comes out every day. They would confirm their love.

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