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Lourdes believes Domenico is alive


Lourdes believes Domenico is alive

GShow / Mount-Russell

In Friday's chapter (29), in the novel Mother's Love, Lourdes is shocked to hear Katia say that Domenicus is dead, she will be in tears and will have to be comforted by Magno and the brothers. Victoria will be thrilled to meet Tiago.

Despite what Katia has said, Lourdes is beginning to think that Domenicus has not died and Magno is worried about all this hope, as the disappointment could be very great in the future.

Raul is impressed when Erica decides to resign. Betina promises Magno that she will do her best to find out what really happened to Genilson. Danilo and Thelma have an ugly argument.

Lidia cannot get along with Raul and is very sad about it. Raul will decide to go against the engineer's advice and will eventually become Álvaro's partner. Thelma talks to Lourdes and opens her heart, revealing that she has not said anything to Danilo about his illness.

Thelma decides to advise Lourdes and says she should keep looking for Domenico, never giving up trying to find her son. Synesium engages in a serious accident. Erica agrees to go out with Raul.

Betina and Magno will kiss. Raul decides to divorce, but Lydia ends up having a crisis. Magno reveals to Lourdes that he is in love with Betina.

Fight for the audience

The new 21 hours soap opera brings a story full of emotions and this is precisely Globo's bet to ensure the good audience left by A Dona do Pedaço. There are many characters who promise to stand out in the plot.

I keep policing myself so as not to weigh on the melodrama; it takes balance“Said director José Luiz Villamarim.


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