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Lilia Cabral praises daughter and talks about new work on small screens


Lilia Cabral praises daughter and talks about new work on small screens

Lilia Cabral is Maria do Caritó in production that debuts on the 30th of this month (Fábio Rocha / Globo)

Lilia Cabral was yesterday (19) at 'High hours', program of Globe Network to chat about career and life. The actress did not contain the emotion when talking about family Giulia Bertolli who has been treading the same paths as his mother on the platinum screen.

Giulia has played Lilia's character as a young girl in ‘The Seventh Guardian’ and is now performing in ‘Workout – Every Form of Loving’.

Lilia revealed during the program that she does her best not to “drool on” her daughter, but it is almost impossible, because pride is great. “Seeing Giulia grow up with a lot of personality, now she has chosen my profession and performing so well, tracing her path, is pride. Seeing my daughter on this trajectory is very exciting. ”

By the way, another coincidence is that Lilia was also in ‘Malhação’ early in her career.

And speaking of career, the actress recalled her career in chatting with Serginho Groisman. For Lilia, the secret to professional success is not giving up: “I had a madness about this profession that, for me, all obstacles were a desire to win and I didn't think about defeat. When you see yourself in the profession that palpitations arise. You always be transparent, true and feel that you have the vocation you have to understand that difficulties make us grow, because success passes. We will just stick our roots in our failures. Face it, get frustrated because if that's what you really want, you'll get along. ”

And there is news out there! The actress revealed during Altas Horas more details about her character in a new production that debuts on the 30th of this month. In the movie, Lilia will give life to Maria do Caritó and gave a spoiler about the story of the plot.

“She is a female character looking for a love, she is already over 50 and has never had a great love in her life. When the woman is in Caritó, she is intact, virgin. In fact, you feel this woman is very pertinent to everything we are living, no matter if you are 10, 20, 50 or 60, the most important thing is to fight for what you want. And what do we women want? We want freedom to think, talk, act, be the way we want. I think you will know a little about Brazil and a little about the origin of what was and what is an artist, being a clown. Maria Caritó is a clown who finds herself and discovers that she is an artist. ”

Want to check out the next movie starring Lilia Cabral? We set a trailer for you. Watch it!


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