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Lexa celebrates launch of new song


Lexa celebrates launch of new song

Lexa releases new song ‘Lexa Warming up’ – Instagram

Lexa intends to repeat the dose of success of 2019 also in this new year. It is not for nothing that the funkeira has already given fans another release this Friday (24). The song ‘Warming up of Lexa’ is the singer's newest bet, this Friday she also released the music video.

But, just as she explained on Instagram, the new work is funk so that people can just “warm up”, so Lexa's voice hardly appears. Even so, the blonde has been working hard on promotion.

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“Launched the video for“ Warming up Lexa ”on my YouTube Channel! Run and check! It's too beautiful! ”, celebrated in the caption of a post on the social network.

Lexa's followers and fans, of course, went crazy with the new release. “Did I hear a carnival hit?”, wrote an internet user.

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Lexa's Twitter hacked and singer laments

Last Thursday (23), the singer Lexa was preparing for another important launch in her career, when she received the news that her Twitter account had been hacked. In the stories, the blonde regretted what happened.

“Guys, they hacked my Twitter. Some unfortunate soul hacked my Twitter unfortunately, I'm going to contact Twitter. I wanted to understand what makes one person do this to another, I swear to God I can't understand. I have a launch in a little while to do. I can not understand. I don't want to be sad, because nobody has anything to do with it … A very unhappy person wants to end my joy, but everything will be fine, I will be able to recover ”.

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And she did it, this Friday, Lexa celebrated her return to the social network. “Suck it, dear hacker”, joked the singer.


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