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Lenovo to preview its folding smartphone in new patent


Lenovo to preview its folding smartphone in new patent

Lenovo was one of the first companies to promise a foldable smartphone. However, now that we have the Samsung Galaxy Fold it's the Huawei Mate X, we're still without an Android device from technological Chinese company that fulfills this promise, but this may change, especially with the discovery of this new patent.

While it does not prove its determination to launch a foldable smartphone, it shows us that the company is preparing for this eventuality. Then you will get to know your new and promising patent.

This is perhaps the best look at the possible foldable smartphone with the Android platform to be cogitated at this time by Lenovo. However, the existence of a patent does not oblige the mark which holds it to construct the product described therein. That is, we may never come to know this product, as described here.

The Lenovo folding smartphone

At the same time, it should be remembered that this patent is designed to protect the design of the product and has been World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). Therefore, it is the aspect or design of the product that is legally covered and protected by the patent, preventing other brands from using it in these molds.

The patent shows us a particularly interesting folding mechanism. You may have already seen a similar system in the Microsoft Surface Book with a whole section composed of several independent elements to allow some movement. The same concept seems to have been applied to the Lenovo folding smartphone.

Therefore, we would have two stiff portions on the outside of this Android device. Thus, when fully opened there would be a large and narrow screen, but when folded, a small screen remains. Moreover, it would be a mechanism clamshell which folds vertically along a horizontal axis.

The patent shows us a folding smartphone

Indeed, the malleable section, composed of rigid individual elements, would make this new format of mobile devices possible. At the same time, it would keep some elements familiar to the consumer, such as how it would be doubled. Something that goes back to the phones of yesteryear.

Next we can see the complete patent, highlighting the central mechanism. It should also be noted that the two portions, when folded, would never lie perfectly juxtaposed one to the other. Already, on the other hand, the Lenovo folding smartphone appears to have a reduced thickness, unlike the current rivals.

Lenovo patent pending Android smartphone

In a last note, we have an emphasis on rigid components, probably metallic, that can allow the movement of the smartphone. In short, a tougher, tougher smartphone that would bring the familiarity of the Android system and the nostalgia of the shell format. Highlight your various buttons as well.

Finally, here is a very stretched main screen. Although we can not be certain, the display format looks like 21: 9, which would give us a panoramic view and keep all the familiar elements in a current device. Note even the cutout for the loudspeaker, the top, and the front camera.

What is your opinion on this patent for an Android smartphone?

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