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Legends reach the world of gangsters in the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow


Legends reach the world of gangsters in the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow

The consequences of Infinite Land Crisiss will not stop affecting Legends of Tomorrow. In the next episode of the series entitled “Miss Her, Kiss Her, Love Her” Gideon will suffer another failure due to the changes in the continuity of the Arrowverso derived from that event and unintentionally will take the team to the city of Los Angeles in 1947.

But do not believe that Sara, Ray, Constantine and company will have time to get bored at that time because their unexpected arrival in 1947 will face them Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, the infamous criminal who will be introduced as a “friend” of the Hollywood elite.

In that scenario, and within the framework of all the evil characters who will be resurrected directly from hell this season, Sara, Constantine and Ray, will design a plan to capture Siegel while Ava and Rory will step aside from the action.

But obviously that strategy will not last long and eventually everything will get complicated, just look at the photos revealed by The CW that show an overwhelmed Constantine and Ava performing a show.

Although there are no photos, the description of “Miss Her, Kiss Her, Love Her” also anticipates that the plot will reunite Nate and Zari, who disappeared from the team's memory after the events at Heyworld at the end of last season.

You can watch the trailer for the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow here:

“Miss Her, Kiss Her, Love Her” will premiere on February 4 in the United States.

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