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Kim Hanbin leaves iKON and says “embarrassed” and apologizes for having “disappointed the fans”


Kim Hanbin leaves iKON and says “embarrassed” and apologizes for having “disappointed the fans”

Kim Hanbin (Reproduction / Internet)

After the k-pop controversy last year when singer Hyuna was kicked out of Cube Entertainment, the k-pop world gained a new controversy. The singer Kim Hanbin (B.I.), aged 22, left the k-pop group iKON this Wednesday (12), and the subject reached Twitter Trending Topics in Brazil this morning.

The artist said he is leaving the iKon group after an account that he tried to buy illegal drugs, he said he feels ashamed of his actions in an Instagram publication.

“First of all, I sincerely want to apologize for causing problems with my terribly inappropriate action,” he said.

“It is true that I have already gone through pain and suffering and wanted to find comfort in something that should not have interested me. However, even this scared me, so I could not participate. “

According to the Dispatch, Kim would have bought LSD pills in 2016, messages were found between Kim and a drug dealer. . “Once again I would like to bow my head and apologize to the fans and team members. I'm sorry, “Kim said.

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