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Key Card Location for the Silph Co Teleport Puzzle Guide – Pokemon Lets Go

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Key Card Location for the Silph Co Teleport Puzzle Guide – Pokemon Lets Go

This guide will show you how and where to find the Key Card for the Silph Co Teleport Puzzle in Pokemon Lets Go video game on Android or iOS smartphones.

The Silph Co. Teleport puzzle has arrived into Pokemon Lets Go, yet in a to some degree diverse shape.

A progression of Teleporters and locked entryways that require a key card which keeps you from advancing toward the president’s office to bring down Giovanni.

Key Card Location

You need to have a battle with Blue first and then get access to the stairs or elevator. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to find a key card and to find a key card, you’ll have to go to 5th floor of the building.

When you’re on 5th floor, head left and you will find an Archer there, the team Rocket admin and the team Rocket Grunt having conversation.

There, you will see your opponent and you must have a fight with both of ’em at the exact time.

These two have the following Pokemon:


  • Muk – Level 34
  • Raticate – Level 34


  • Electrode – Level 37
  • Weezing – Level 37
  • Golbat – Level 37

When you finish the battle, they’ll try to run. Let both of ’em run away and they will be gone in no time. When they’re gone for good, you’ll pick up the required key card for locked doors automatically.

Now you can head up and unlock all the locked doors and finish your Silph Co Teleport Puzzle.

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