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Kevin Feige ruled out that the Black Widow movie has R Rating


Kevin Feige ruled out that the Black Widow movie has R Rating

If you have read or seen news about the upcoming Black Widow movie, you have probably heard that rumor that the ex-spy movie would be the first bet of Marvel Studios to count on Classification R. However, despite the intriguing of that possibility, said reports would be false.

In conversation with the site ComicBook Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige ruled out these rumors first-hand.

When asked if indeed the reports on an R-rating for Natasha Romanoff's solo movie were false, Feige said: “Yes. Right. It was never going to be. Someone writes: 'I heard that it will be classified as R!' And then everyone writes it down. “

The Black Widow movie is not yet officially announced by Marvel Studios, in fact the company has not anticipated new films beyond Spider-Man: Far From Home. But clearly Feige did not deny his existence.

For the first Natasha Romanoff movie without the rest of the Avengers, SCarlett Johansson will repeat the role which he assumed in 2010 to Iron Man 2, this time under the direction of Cate Shortland and a screenplay by Ned Benson.

The Black Widow film is expected to debut in 2020.

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