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Katy Perry changed color of her eyebrows

Katy Perry changed color of her eyebrows


Katy Perry changed color of her eyebrows

The canti-American pop music Katy Perry is known in the middle of the show not only for its great successes in the musical area, but for its Chameleonic changes in your hair.

This time those that they suffered a resounding change were their eyebrows, that now have an oxygenated yellow color, almost imperceptible and blurs the features of this American artist.

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The color change of his eyebrows was portrayed in the cover of the magazine 'Papers', where she was also interviewed and affirmed that in her 34 years of her life it is the moment in which she feels most different in her whole life.

Despite the above, Perry said that, although many things have changed, his essence as a human being remains intact. The singer has also affirmed that in her life she has never set limits and that this allows her to be more “tolerant and understanding” nowadays with the rest. In addition, he highlighted the change of his haircut.

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“It has undoubtedly been the most important transformation on a physical level. When you do not have a long mane, there is nowhere to hide. Everything is exposed“, he added in this publication.

Katy Perry is known worldwide for her singles such as: 'Road', 'Part of me', 'Teenager Dreams', 'I kissed a girl', 'Firework' and 'Hot n Cold'.



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