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Karol Conka shoots: “I do not like panties, I wear clothes I can run out of”


Karol Conka shoots: “I do not like panties, I wear clothes I can run out of”

Karol Conka (Photo: Carlos Sales Announcement)

In an interview for a YouTube channel, the singer Karol Conka told some curiosities about his personal life, others, somewhat personal.

Karol said she does not like to sleep in clothes and that she prefers to be without. Still revealed that “I always wear clothes that I can be without panties”.

Another revelation was that she lost her virginity at the age of 16. In the story, she tells how her experience was.

“I met a boy who was the love of my life. My dream was to lose my virginity by listening to Bob Marley, with a burning incense and red panties. And one day I went to his house and was playing Bob, had incense and candle. It was cool but a bit frustrating, “ she said, that she was nervous on this occasion.

About her career in music, she says she has several plans to collaborate with artists, such as Elza Soares. He said he has a dream to meet the American presenter Oprah Winfrey.

Default? Figurines accuse the singer

The singer Karol Conka was involved in a controversy involving her extras, because they are not at all happy with the conditions imposed by the singer's staff. According to columnist Leo Dias, the Ballroom Brazil are stating that they were invited to a new popstar clip but not receiving a cache.

The clip that would be recorded by them is the 'Vogue of the Ghetto', which would have participation of several people. Karol's production went so far as to say that for lack of money he could not afford the cash but would pay for the food while there was a recording.

The extras did not like the proposal and sought the singer denied the fact. Karol said that there was a confusion in the communication: “Two lists have been made: one for contracted artists and one for invited fans. These would arrive at the end of the recording of the clip to enjoy a party … Know more!

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