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Juan Gabriel is dead, says astrologer


Juan Gabriel is dead, says astrologer

After the controversy generated by Joaquín Muñoz a few months ago, when he assured in several television programs in Mexico that the singer Juan Gabriel was alive, a renowned astrologer denied it and said that 'The Divo de Juárez 'is dead.

Víctor Florencio, seer and astrologer known in the US, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico as the 'El Niño Prodigio', He posted a photo on his Instagram account with the interpreter of 'Dear', accompanied with the message: “He returned from beyond to recognize me as his legitimate son. Soon he will give the announcement. ”

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This publication caused controversy among his followers, who asked him insistently to clarify if Alberto Aguilar, known as Juan Gabriel is really alive.

Florencio revealed in the program 'Despierta América' that the singer is dead and he also asks the people to let him rest in peace.

“I have this revelation where he appears to me (…) He told me: I am going to talk to you like a father would speak to a son. I want them to leave me alone, leave me alone I want my soul to rise. I want you to remember me with love, not with gossip or with negative things, “said the astrologer.

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'El Niño Prodigio' also said that Aguilar asked him to convey his message to everyone. “I need you to tell the world that I am no longer among the living, I left, I'm not alive. ”

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