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Joker is a movie that Marvel Studios could never make according to Todd Phillips


Joker is a movie that Marvel Studios could never make according to Todd Phillips

Marvel studios It has no competition. The way they armed their cohesive universe handed the key to the attention of the general public, to whom they hooked in such a way, that one of their productions is already the film that has raised the most money in history.

But director Todd Phillips, responsible for the film ofl JokerHe explained that his story is going in a completely opposite direction to Marvel Studios.

You can't beat Marvel, it's a big giant“, said to The New York Times. Hence, when considering the scenario, the director came to a conclusion: “Let's do something they can't do“.

With that in mind, Phillips proposed to make small films, disconnected from a cinematic universe, to examine DC characters without having to render accounts or go against previous films. “This is just another interpretation, like the one that people make of Macbeth“He explained.

That is why the desire to create a movie based on the classic villain, since the director considered that there was still space to explore in a dark urban narrative, inspired by films that have nothing to do with comics. And that is what we can see in cinemas from next month.

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