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Joker costume among the most popular this Halloween


Joker costume among the most popular this Halloween

He 31 October is fast approaching and more than one person is already thinking what the costume you will wear to celebrate Halloween. Although some are left with traditional proposals of macabre characters or famous stories, others choose to recreate appearances of current films.

This was the case of Harley quinn, the member of DC universe and of ‘Suicide Squad’, which became a strong trend years ago for these dates. His sensual white, red and blue suit seized hundreds of women in the world who wanted to represent the ex-boyfriend of the ‘Joker’.

Now, after the premiere of ‘Joker’, as El País shared, this year the trends in costumes point to the iconic red suit that Arthur Fleck used in the Murray program, it will become the favorite of thousands of people for this Halloween.

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As the media reported, in a first analysis of searches and purchases on Google, the term ‘Joker red suit’ already throws more than forty online sites that have the imposing protagonist costume for sale, interpreted by Joaquin Phoenix

Prices range from 24 to almost 300 euros, while on the platform Amazon, the costume has a value from 60 euros to 120 euros.

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It is important to note that there was a small controversy surrounding the suit he used Joaquin Phoenix at the end of ‘Joker’, because many people said it should be purple and not red. But nevertheless, Mark bridges, costume director of the film, told IndieWire that what was wanted was that The appearance of this man was “cheap and not elegant” compared to what the villain used to use.

In online stores you can see that the set includes pants and red jacket, green shirt and mustard vest. Shoes, green wig and face paints are not included.

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