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Join Enclave Bunker Buster Quest Guide – Fallout 76

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Join Enclave Bunker Buster Quest Guide – Fallout 76

This guide will show you how to join the Enclave group or faction and finish Bunker Buster quest in Fallout 76 video game.

Fallout 76 has numerous sublime journeys or quests, however the best make them finish missions to go along with one of the video game’s numerous groups, for example, the Order of Mysteries, the Brotherhood of Steel, or the bizarre and great Cult of the Mothman.

Be that as it may, maybe the hardest and most charming group to join are the Enclave, the disgusting group that fastened things up Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, however to do as such you’ll have to finish the Fallout 76 Bunker Buster mission.

The Bunker Buster mission is the initial segment of the questline that gives you access to the Enclave office inside Whitespring, and allows you to join the essential antagonists of the Fallout series out of the blue.

Yet, that is not where you need to go to finish Bunker Buster. All in all, where do you have to go, and what do you have to do once you arrive? What beasts are holding up inside? We have the appropriate responses that you’re looking for.

Bunker Buster Quest Location – Fallout 76

While the official Enclave dugout is simply round the back of the Whitespring developer, east of Charleston, to really get inside it and join the Enclave you’ll have to initially visit the other bunker far toward the east in the Mire district.

Go to the point on the map above to locate the Abandoned Waste Dump, just toward the east of the Southern Belle Motel.

Investigate it a bit to discover a hole in the fence on the north side, at that point enter the hole there and you’ll get a random mission to “explore the dugout.” Now we can begin the Bunker Buster mission.

Find a Way Inside Bunker – Fallout 76

You need to go inside the hole or cave and take a left, and you’ll in the long run go to a green region with a Deathclaw settle.

You don’t really need to execute any Deathclaws to advance, yet it’ll be simpler for investigation on the off chance that you do. Something else, sneak cautiously! In any case, head down into the home and look at it to discover a Bypass Holotape.

Lift it up, at that point go to the hole in the stones to the side to discover a remains of an agent. Get the Operation Summary – Blackwell Holotape. The Bunker Buster mission should now spring up for you.

Go back for where you originally took a left, and search for some bolted entryways. This is the opening to the bunker, which is really a lift with a protected board.

Play the holotape, and rather than words you’ll simply hear an odd sound. Attempt the board, and it ought to permit you access to the lift this time.

Finish Bunker Buster Quest – Fallout 76

Go down the stairs and pursue the target marker until the point that you achieve a laser matrix. There’s a hand scanner located on the right that you have to collaborate with.

Go to the entryway you just crossed, by the stairs, and head up until the point when you achieve the control center. Pursuit the close-by work area to discover a “Security System Manual Reset.”

If you have a Hacking ability level 3 you can essentially hack the adjacent terminal to deactivate the laser matrix, else you’ll need to adhere to the guidelines.

  1. Throw the Circuit Breaker: In the laundry room, which is downstairs.
  2. Open the Air Flute: Also downstairs, in the generator room, above the generators themselves.
  3. Activate Circuit Conduit: Upstairs near the control center. By the bridge, cut through the broken railing and go to the vents. The conduit is nearby.



Go and enact the hand scanner and the laser matrix should let you in at this point. Presently you’ll be in Senator Sam Blackwell’s safe room, which you’ll need to search.

There’s a keypad in the room, and the video game will provoke you to discover the code. Check Blackwell’s terminal to the side, and afterward begin perusing his diary.

The keypad code is the day of death for Judy, so 02/15/84. Note that it’s conceivable there are different codes, if so simply investigate the space for different possibilities. This was the code for us, however.

This will open a shrouded compartment behind an adjacent painting, by Blackwell’s work area. You’ll discover a holotape called “Welcome to the Whitespring” and a Congressional Access Card.

Give the holotape a tune in. Now, the Bunker Buster mission will be finished, and you can go to the Whitespring shelter or a bunker to proceed with the Enclave questline with the “One of Us” mission.

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