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Joaquin Phoenix preferred that Thomas Wayne not be included in Joker


Joaquin Phoenix preferred that Thomas Wayne not be included in Joker

About the presentation of the film of Joker at the festival circuit, the New York Times made a note to Joaquin Phoenix and delivered a remarkable revelation: the actor did not like the inclusion of Thomas Wayne As part of the story. In fact, that was his main objection to the script.

Todd Phillips He explained that, in fact, Phoenix would have preferred to have been completely detached from the mythology of the comics.

“TO Joaquin never liked to say the name Thomas Wayne. It would have been easier for him if the movie was called Arthur and had nothing to do with those things. But in the long run, I think he understood and appreciated“, Explained the director.

In the film, Thomas Wayne is an important character who crosses the path of Arthur Fleck, who is a standup comedian who sometimes works as a clown and who gradually descends to the madness that leads him to become a disruptive agent which inspires the masses to have a kind of anarchy towards factual powers.

Also, Dante Pereira-Olson appears briefly in the role of Bruce Wayne, being another of the factors that connect with the mythology of DC Comics. However, the movie doesn't worry about the canon at all.

On the other hand, Phoenix also explained that he had a “fruitful disagreement” with the director about the physical transformation to which he had to undergo. Phoenix wanted to gain physical mass and not lose weight, since that was something he had already done in the past.

“That is a horrible way to live. I think Arthur should be more muscular. But Todd was like: I think you should be a really thin person. ”

In the long run, Phillips' vision prevailed and Phoenix lost about 25 kilos and anger over that weight loss helped him to his performance.

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