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“It should not be easy to go out with me” | DailyShow


“It should not be easy to go out with me” | DailyShow

The relationship between Fede Bal Y Bianca Iovenitti It lasted less than I thought. At the beginning of the year they were seen to enjoy very passionate between music and the lights of the night, however, over time their courtship came to an end and the son of Carmen Barbieri He says it without fear.

I think we both needed to be alone, it was in good terms. I will always love her, she was a great companionto “, he admitted in “Intruders” the participant of “Super Dancing”.

She is a woman that I still love and I will love my whole life. She is a divine woman. It was a time when we said that maybe we were not in the same harmony or with the connection that hooked us at the beginning“he added.

Anyway, the 29-year-old recognized that he is a complicated person to be in a couple. “It should not be easy to go out with me. I also feel that. I'm a tough guy“shot Bal.

Immediately, the chronicler joked and asked if he would date himself. In this regard he warned with laughter: “I? Not in fart. Look at me! I have my days, I have my moods, I really like freedom, I am very independent. Sometimes I am like a baby, who has to have fun all the time. I have a very unique son personality“.

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Finally, he emphasized their separation and made it clear that there was no “infidelity or third parties.” “We had a super open relationship in the sense of being able to talk about things that happened. And the truth is what was not happening anymore. Final point“he concluded.

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