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Isis Valverde is detonated on the web following a statement about the murder of Rhuan


Isis Valverde is detonated on the web following a statement about the murder of Rhuan

Isis Valverde sparked the uprising of netizens on Friday (14) because of a statement about the murder of little Rhuan Maycon, the 9-year-old boy who was killed by his mother and his partner.

The case has gained widespread popularity on the web and ample coverage of the media, but has returned to be one of the topics most commented on Twitter, after a post of the global actress.

In her profile on the Instagram, Isis Valverde posted a message, showing revulsion at what the women did to the boy. “It took me days to swallow such wickedness and inhumanity. I spent days with a squeeze on my chest unable to talk about it“, Was how she began her outburst.

But on Twitter, many netizens are detonating the actress, criticizing her positioning. “Now Isis Valverde will discover how it is when an artist opposes the feminist movement“Commented an internet user.

Many netizens have argued that the actress never manifested in the many cases in which heterosexual parents killed their children, but now decided to pronounce because they are lesbian women.

Several Internet users have criticized Isis Valverde's post because she was silent about the violence against the children and decided to criticize precisely when it came to a case where the mother had a mate.

In the face of so many criticisms, the actress decided to pronounce and after erasing the story, clarified that it is in favor of the fight for equal rights between men and women, in addition to unconditionally support the feminist movement.

Despite the apology, Isis continues to be detonated on Twitter for her position on the death of little Rhuan.
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