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iBeesoft Data Recovery – recover deleted data in Windows 10 and Mac


iBeesoft Data Recovery – recover deleted data in Windows 10 and Mac

Erase files unintentionally … who never went through this? It's true, it happens “to the best”, but not everything is lost and there is a way to recover deleted content.

Today we suggest the iBeesoft Data Recovery software, a simple tool for recovering deleted files in any type of storage.

Whether it's a Pen Drive, a memory card, the external drive, or the SSD drive, inadvertent deletion can happen. Or because we selected a folder unintentionally, or because after all something was where we thought it was not. There are also accidentally formatted or lost partition situations as a consequence of corrupted MFT. Anyway, there are many reasons for the worst to happen and we should have a good solution always within our reach.

How can I recover a deleted file?

It's not about magic or going back in time! In digital storage, something can only be recovered while it is actually written there.

That is, just after deleting a file, the space it occupies will not be rewritten, only the address of the physical “location” where it was recorded will be deleted. In this way, the file will remain recoverable until a new file is allocated for writing in that space.

Complicated? The rule of thumb is very simple: if you deleted a file by mistake, immediately stop your work! Any write activity on this storage drive may unexpectedly throw everything to waste.

However, in this task of searching for storage sectors where files have already been erased, there is “what is told”. The variety of software is great, some more complex than others, and not all do the same job. O iBeesoft Data Recovery is a simple, fast and very effective solution.

If you are in a “hassle” situation, installing new software is always very delicate. That is, when installing new software, you will have to write new data to disk. Therefore, according to the “other rule” above, you must install the software on a different drive than the one that contains the data to be recovered.

iBeesoft Data Recovery – Simpler is impossible

First, after you have iBeesoft Data Recovery installed, you must select the type of data to recover.

Data such as photos, videos, audio, documents, compressed files, and other types are supported. A correct choice serves to make the result as clean as possible in recovery.

Then you must choose the partition where you want the search for lost files to be made.

Then a quick search is performed and the results are displayed. However, if for your case the expected results are not obtained, you can do a deep “Deep Scan” search.

Once you have found the files you want to recover, simply select them and choose a location to be saved. It is crucial that a partition other than the one where the files to be recovered is chosen.

Finally, you just need to open the folder where the recovered files were written to confirm that everything is correct. There is some probability that everything is not as it is intended, especially if it has recovered in the system partition. However, something is always better than nothing.

It should be added that in a lost partition recovery files may not have names that are the same as the originals. Still, the file extension should be correct.

There are some problems that regularly affect memory cards such as write protection, photos such as thumbnails, and other problems. IBeesoft gives some suggestions in this sense.

IBeesoft Data Recovery is available for Windows 10 and Mac, with the chance to test the viability of recovery for free.

iBeesoft Data Recovery

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