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“I don't want to be a singer for the rest of my life,” confesses Anitta


“I don't want to be a singer for the rest of my life,” confesses Anitta

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Anitta became a major national as well as international phenomenon and for the second time she was voted 'Woman of the Year' by GQ magazine. With a dream of making history, the singer, who came from the carioca suburb of Honório Gurgel, has been revolutionizing the music scene.

At 26, the singer who has partnered with big names in the music industry has confessed that she doesn't want to be a singer forever, and that to feel completely fulfilled, she wants to build her own family.

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“I really want to build my own family. I really want to have more time with my family, in all, we are 17, I talk to them every day. To this day, I've only had one trip with everyone. And later on, I want to risk another profession. I don't want to be a singer for the rest of my life. ”she confessed in an interview with GQ.

Anitta also said that two years ago she was “discouraged by the struggle to make history” and she decided to make a list of some topics so that she could become 100% fulfilled at work. “Today, I look at this role and see that I performed three times more”she said proudly.

The list consisted of: making funk known in the world, making funk accepted at major festivals, making their idols know their work. “I became a singer because of Mariah Carey and today she talks to me, follows me on Instagram, likes my photos. We have the same lawyer out there and I sent a picture of my dog ​​with all her CDs and DVDs that I have collected for years. I'm very excited about all my dates and cry a lot later, but when I met Pharrell (Williams) to record together, I cried in front of him, I couldn't stand it. ”, said.

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Also, she wanted to have a world known song. “Downtown became hit in the Americas and Paradinha became better known in Europe”, celebrated.

The singer also explained that she had the dream of introducing funk to the world “to make Brazilians give due respect to the rhythm”. “I never felt like sealing to make music and being first in the rankings. I always wanted to do differently. I like to create controversy to make people argue, provoke debate of diversity of opinion ”, analyzed.

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